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This is an example article about "blog headlines"

"Imagine how many more views and how much more engagement your blog posts would get if you spent as much time crafting your blog post titles as you do your email subject lines." [1]

"In this article Ill show you some simple changes you can make to your own blog that will help increase your search engine visibility, drive more traffic to your blog and generate more leads and sales for your business." [2]

"When coming up with a title for your blog post, try to imagine how someone doing a search will find your article." [3]

"By reading the comments on similar blog posts, you will get a great view of what questions and thoughts people had after reading the post and you can take a slightly different angle by making sure you cover those areas in your article.
On the heels of our discussion about blog word count, a shorter blog post can also be an excerpt or summary of what readers will find in your longer-form content." [4]

"To help connect readers to your blog post, you need a post title that clearly spells out what the post is about.
I still want to give my readers the feeling that I really want to share valuable posts and not just there to rank on certain keywords.
The main the there is your blog title must still be on the scale of what your blog post is talking about and not just attracting readers to a post with a great title and a contrary content." [5]

"If you have SEO targets for your web presence, make sure you are using your blog post titles to help you reach those targets.
You have a limited space in which you've got to fit in a keyword, yet you also have to make the title compelling and communicate what the blog post is about." [6]

"Secondly - keywords are important for the long tail life of your blog post as they tell search engines what your blog post is about and will help it to rank highly for those words.
The humorous title is yet another technique that can be very effective at drawing readers into you blog - that is IF you pull it off.
Yes, a great title should not only draw in your target reader - but it should also incorporate keywords that are important to the theme of the blog post." [7]

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